Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Trip to The Museum

Today we decided to go to the American Museum of Natural History at the last minute.
The city was crowded today so we had to beg and plead the parking garage to fit just one more car in the lot.
We were excited to take the kids to the Butterfly Exhibit and the Planetarium. We thought Zachary would love this since he is very visual and loves stars and bugs.
Sydnie couldn't wait to see the butterflies. They really enjoyed seeing all the animals and of course the dinosaur bones. Zachary really loved the big elephants in the African Animal exhibit.
What did surprise us was once we were in the planetarium Zachary became figity. When the show started he said "Look at all the stars". The name of the show was Cosmic Collisions so the next thing that happened was a big asteroid crashed into the earth. I was shocked that Zachary was scared. The child fears nothing but the asteriod crash really spooked him.

What also shocked us was the Zachary was afraid of the butterflies. My child who loves to chase bees and try and squish them was squimish about a butterfly landing on him.

Zachary you are full of surprises.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My First Post

Today I decided to create a blog. I already own a website that I use for my small scrapbooking business but I wanted a place to go where I can just type my thoughts, express ideas, show pictures and just be me.

Today the snow came down like ice and I was locked away in my house. My daughter was at school and my boy Zachary was home with me because he was sick the past couple of days.
My son Zachary is 5 years old and he was diagnosed with autism at 20 months of age. He is an adorable boy and though he doesn't talk much each word he says brings a smile to my face and tears to my eyes.
Today's post is about Zachary. After spending a full day with just him and me I realized what a special child my son is. Nevermind the fact that he is absolutely adorable, he is always happy and doesn't really realize how tough the world can be. Maybe this is a blessing for him.
My daughter's words put everything in perspective. When I asked her if she wished Zachary was not autistic her response is, "Mommy, I am happy that Zachary is autistic. I think if he wasn't we would not get along so well and I wouldn't love him as much as I do. He is the cutest, sweetest brother I know." This is my 8 year old talking. How many 8 year old girls love their younger brother that much.