Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Love this picture...aren't they so sweet.

Back from Cape May

So I have been back for almost a week now. The Cape was wonderful. The weather was excellent (accept for a 30min thunderstorm we had on Sunday), we had a great time with the kids on the beach. We went to the Cape May Zoo and the Aviation Museum. We also had to play minature golf like 5 times because we had to bribe Zach to get him to sit for dinner.
Lord knows how much money we spent at the arcade but the kids love it.
The family went rollerskating and NO Cape May vacation is complete without us riding one of those 4 wheel family caravan bikes (I can't remember the tech name for it).
We really had a blast and I got lots of great pictures that I am going to post.

Well back to work.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Cape May - 2nd Day

This morning we woke up around 6:30am. I guess there won't be any sleeping this week. I tried out my new rollerblades. They fit well and I feel a little spazzy on them. Have to get use to them again.
Today was a lot of fun. We went to the beach at about 10:30am and stayed on the beach until 3:00pm. I was smart this year and put on sunscreen so I did not burn like I usually do. Zachary is just a fish. He is getting a little bit TOO brave for me though. He is not afraid at all and is walking further out into the water so we have to go into the ocean with him. The water was really cold today.
The kids boogie boarded just for a little while and Zachary loved being tossed by the waves. He went under quite a few times but he loves it. Now Sydnie is another story. She got knocked over by one wave towards the end of the day that wiped her out. She was shaken a bit but she did not cry and she was not choking on the water so that is progress. She just needs to practice more. She is not the fish that her brother is but she is definitely getting braver.
We also played frisbee for a while and flew our kite for about 10 minutes before the kids decided they wanted to go back into the ocean.
We came back to the house, showered and went the Henry's for dinner. Sydnie loves their grilled cheese. We then went and played minature golf which is always a challenge with Zachary but he was good for the most part. He just needs to focus more. We may try again today. We ended the evening with another trip to the arcade. Zachary is really good at ski ball and got the ball in the 100 bucket a couple of times. Go Zach. We are now back at the house relaxing and watching Harry Potter.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Cape May - Aug 08

We arrived in Cape May on Friday and the first thing the kids wanted to do was go to the Arcade. Zachary wanted to ride the merry go round. He is way too big for it but it keeps him happy. Sydnie and Mike won 100 tickets in Deal or No Deal and Zachary won 200 tickets all by himself playing the game.
Zachary is getting really good at SkiBall. He doesn't have to cheat anymore. He zips the ball and got the ball in the 50 bucket a couple of times.
I got to use my new Flip Video recorder. It is a lot fun. The weater says rain for most of the week so we are going to the beach tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.